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The Studium Biblicum OFM Collections 思高聖經學會藏書


The highly significant items include a translation work of the Blessed Gabriele Allegra in the manuscripts collection, the drafts and proofs of the first complete Chinese translation of the Catholic Bible. The directories of OFM and out-of-print Bible commentaries are some important OFM publications. Of particular interest is also a Bible drawing collection that vividly illustrates some Bible stories in a Chinese style.



Books of the Bible, first proof 聖經單行本初稿, n.d.
(71 volumes)
Books of the Bible, third proof 聖經單行本三校稿, n.d.
(31 volumes)
Bible, bound volume, second proof 聖經合訂本二校稿, 1968, n.d.
(37 volumes)
Manuscripts and Directories 手稿及名錄, 1948-1990
(4 volumes)
Bible Commentaries 聖經註釋, 1948–1964
(29 volumes)
Blessed Gabriele Allegra's Collection 真福雷永明藏書, 1881-1945, n.d.
(42 volumes)
Bible Drawings 聖經圖譜 (田奉京 編繪), n.d.
(2,669 pages)
Bible, 1st edition 聖經 初版, 1968
(2,081 pages)
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