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Reichelt Collection 艾香德紀念圖書館藏書


The Reichelt Collection was originally part of the Karl. L. Reichelt Memorial Library Collections (艾香德紀念圖書館藏書) held at the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies (漢語基督教文化研究所).

Dr. Karl L. Reichelt (1877 – 1952), “the Norwegian Sinologist and founder of Tao Fong Shan, was devoted to promote the contextualization of Christian theology in Chinese culture and to further develop dialogue with other cultures and religions”. The Reichelt Collection of books, serials and manuscripts documents Chinese Christianity, Christianity, Buddhism, evangelism among Buddhists as well as the life and work of Dr. Reichelt. The materials were published or written between 1859 and 1998 in Chinese and European languages including English, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. This digitization project was completed in 2014.


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